Solar Panel Charger for RV
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Solar Panel Charger for RV

Guang GuXing Energy is a professional China Solar Panel For RV supplier, dedicated to designing and producing various powers of Solar Panel Charger for RV. Our products are from 3w-300w, the cloth sewing and one-piece laminating, PET and ETFE panels. We can provide the high quality and competitive price to customers, and also with excellent after-sale service and smart cooperating way.

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Product Description

Below GGXingEnergy® 200w Solar Panel Charger for RV battery charging is made from the newest one-piece laminating craft. Such an advanced technology and the ETFE coat can bring you the absolute higher quality. And its own large power with quicker charging can take you more enjoyable RV camping life.

 Solar Panel Charger for RV Parameter

Solar Panel Max Power

200 Watt

Solar Cell Type

A-grade monocrystalline

Solar Cell Efficiency


Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp)


Optimum Operating Current (Imp)


Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short-Circuit Current (Isc)


Output Port


Test Condition

STC Irradiance 1000W/m², TC=25℃, AM=1.5

Operating Temperature

14℉-149℉ (-10℃-+65℃)


ETFE + EVA layer + Solar Cell + PCB backer sheet + Canvas cloth cover

Extended Size

89.37 x 2.13 x 0.98inch

Folded Size

23.74 x 21.22 x 1.50inch


7kg / 15.5lb






1 year

Solar Panel For RVBattery Charging Feature

1), Large power ensuring quick charging

This GGXingEnergy® 200w   Solar Panel Charger for RV battery charging can be up to max 11A current. This can give you much quicker charging than other panels. The quicker and shorter charging time is so important for the outdoor application, after all the efficient solar charging time is limited.

2), Upgraded solar panel producing more power

The GGXingEnergy® 200w   Solar Panel Charger for RV battery charging is using monocrystalline solar cell with optimal efficiency up to 23%, which can perform much well than other conventional ones only around 15%-18% efficiency. The surface of the solar panel for RV battery charging is a layer of ETFE film, which is disposed to grab more power due to its light-trapping structure.

3), Advanced one-piece design featured with ETFE film getting absolute quality advantage

Such a  Solar Panel Charger for RV battery charging with one-piece design is totally different with the common items on market. The common one is just simply sewing the cloth and solar panel together. Thus the one-piece design is laminating the cloth and solar panel together under high temperature. Except the more upgraded craft, the surface of the solar panel for RV battery charging is improved to be ETFE film. This can help the solar panel for RV battery charging to fit better for outdoor tough situation.

4), Matched with carrying bag as brace and storage use

This model of solar panel for RV battery charging is designed with a multifunctional nylon carrying bag. The solar panel for RV battery charging can be easily folded and put into the bag. The bag is with handle to realize the portability of the solar panel for RV battery charging. Specially, the bag can support the solar panel for RV battery charging, and you can adjust its angle toward to sunlight.

5), Wide compatibility worth for owning

The out lead of this   Solar Panel Charger for RV battery charging is common MC4 port. There are 4 DC connectors (5.5x2.1mm, 5.5x2.5mm, 8mm, 3.5x1.35mm) compatible with most of portable power supplies on market. And the DC 18V output can also charge the laptops and 12v batteries.

Solar Panel for RV Battery Charging FAQ

1), Can the solar panel for RV battery charging be customized?

Yes, we support the customization service. No matter for the craft, voltage, power or cloth color, your requests can be followed.

2), As per the description, this kind of one-piece solar panel for RV battery charging is a higher quality grade. Then how is about its waterproof situation?

Yes, the GGXingEnergy® 200w solar panel for RV battery charging is with better quality due to its material and lamination way. The waterproof protection grade can be IP68 (compared with a general cloth sewed PET laminated one only IPX4). But we still suggest to not leave it in rain and not soak it in water. The output port part is also totally not waterproof.

3), It is mentioned as large power and quick charging, then how quick it is?

Currently on market the 200w solar panel for RV battery charging is actually a large power. General choices are as 100w, and 120w, or economic one near 60w. We suggest the customers to choose the power of a solar panel for RV battery charging as per their real needs, like price and charging time they wishing. Taking a portable power station with 1000WH battery capacity as example. The 60w panel may fully recharge it above 20 hours, 100w to be above 12 hours, 120w to be above 10 hours, and this 200w to be above 6 hours. The setting is considering the super bright sunshine condition. During real use, we can not control the actual intension of sunlight, so the real full charging time will be longer as per the referenced info.

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