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Solar Panel Kit For RV

As the professional portable solar manufacture, we would like to provide you a 60w solar panel kit for RV. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. With several years experience focusing on making durable, powerful and easy-to-use solar panel kit for RV, and putting the quality and customer service at the first place, GGXingEnergy® is worth for cooperation and we can be your reliable supplier in China.

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Product Description

The portable solar panel and portable power already bring large evolution for people’s outdoor life.

When you are camping, do not hesitate to take such a GGXingEnergy® solar panel kit for RV. Made with high quality and durable materials, price is also cheap. Easy for carrying and multifunctional for charging, it can provide you endless free and environment friendly solar charging.

60W Solar Panel Kit for RV Parameter

Solar Panel Max Power

60 Watt

Solar Cell Type

A-grade monocrystalline

Solar Cell Efficiency


Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp)


Optimum Operating Current (Imp)


Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short-Circuit Current (Isc)



DC port: 18V3A (max)

USB Port: 5V/2.1A (max)

QC3.0 Port: 5V9V12V 24W (max)

TYPE-C Port: 5V-15V 18W (max)

Test Condition

STC Irradiance 1000W/m², TC=25℃, AM=1.5

Operating Temperature

14℉-149℉ (-10℃-+65℃)


PET + EVA layer + Solar Cell + PCB backer sheet + Canvas cloth cover

Extended Size


Folded Size



2.8kg / 6.2lb


Black / Camouflage




1 year

60W Solar Panel Kit for RV Feature

Its portable and foldable design is great for carrying. You do not need to worry it is too heavy or occupy your luggage space. The light weight (6.2lb) and small size (extended to be 34*20*0.8in) can let you easily set it up at anywhere to be convenient for use. When you are driving, you can tie it at the top of your camper, so that you can still get charging on road. When you leave your car, you can put it at the windshield to get charging, do not worry it will be stolen if put outside. Or if there is no a good place to get sunlight on ground, you can hang it on a tree. When stopping use, it can be folded to be 20*17*1.5in, similar with a briefcase size, which will only take up a small space.

This 60w solar panel kit for RV is made from 22% high efficiency A-grade monocrystalline solar cells. Compared to other ordinary solar panels with 18% efficiency, such a 60w solar panel kit is near to the same size and weight as 40w. This is updated for the solar panel to be smaller and lighter.

The handle on this 60w solar panel kit for RV is different than other simple designs. There are two sets of magnetics inside the handle. The solar panel kit for RV is only with 2 folds. When you let the two solar panels be together, they will absorb each well. Also, the folding is finished at the same time. Additionally, such a handle looks to be fashionable and superior.

This 60w solar panel kit for RV is covered by the durable and waterproof canvas cloth.

This is well considered for outdoor application. Also there is a zipper pouch at back to let you store the accessories conveniently.

As we know, if want the solar panel to work better, we should let it get more sunlight. Make the solar panel to face sunlight at a right angle can be large helpful for this. At back, this 60w solar panel kit for RV is installed with two kickstands. You can easily adjust the kickstands to keep the solar panel facing towards the sun, as it is moving constantly throughout the day. This can help the solar panel get more of 30% energy than flat laying. The material for the kickstand is aluminum, which is strong enough to hold up light winds.

When you are outside, you may be without access to electricity. Such a 60w solar panel kit for RV will be great to provide power for your kinds of devices. If you have a portable power station, it may be hard to you to find the wall outlet to recharge it. Thus this kind of solar panel kit for RV can always power it via free and endless sunlight. Or if without portable generator at hand, the solar panel kit for RV can also charge your laptop, 12V car/boat/RV battery, phone (Android and Apple), power bank, music player, Bluetooth, camera, switch, GPS, and other small electronics when sun is out. The solar panel kit for RV is widely recommended for camping, climbing, hiking, boating, trekking, driving travel, marine trip, fishing, picnic, and other outdoors and emergency.

Notes for 60W Solar Panel Kit for RV

Since the solar panel kit for RV is without battery to store power, it can not work if being away from sunlight. The general bulb light in door is totally useless.

If you find the output power when using is less than 60w, this is normal. There are many factors that may affect the actual power output of the solar panel kit for RV: sunlight intensity, panel surface temperature, sunlight exposure angle and other interferents like tree/cloud shadows, foreign objects, dusts or other sticky substances.

The cloth cover and solar panel surface are waterproof, but not suitable for rainy use or soaking in water. The junction box and the cable lead are not waterproof. Please keep them being dry when using this solar panel kit for RV.

This 60w solar panel kit for RV is made for portable power stations / solar generators. We suggest to be attention with the input voltage and current for your portable power station, whether 18V3A is fitted. Or if your portable power station is with very large battery capacity and you want the quick charging for it, it’s better to try the larger power solar panels, like 100w, 120w, 200w. We enclose 4 DC connectors for your convenient use. If you need another one, you can contact us for adding.

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