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Rv Solar Panel Kit

GGXingEnergy is one of the China RV solar panel kit suppliers. We are specialized in researching, producing, and selling different ranges of RV solar panel kit.

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Product Description

We believe our competitive price and stable high quality grade can serve you well. Let’s have a first glance at below 100w ETFE RV solar panel kit. Hope it can be a good example if you want to buy RV solar panel kit.

100W ETFE RV Solar Panel Kit Parameter

Solar Panel Max Power


Solar Type

A-grade monocrystalline solar cell

Solar Cell Efficiency


Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp)


Optimum Operating Current (Imp)


Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short-Circuit Current (Isc)


Solar Panel Folds



USB Port: 5V/2.1A (max)

QC3.0 Port: 5V-3A or 9V-2.5A or 12V-2A, 24W (max)

TYPE-C Port: 5V-3A or 9V-3A or 12V-3A or 15V-3A or 20V-3A, PD60W (max)

DC Port: 18V/5.5A (max, at no-load condition)

Test Condition

STC Irradiance 1000W/m² , TC=25℃, AM=1.5

Operating Temperature

14℉-149℉ (-10℃-+65℃)

Extended Size


Folded Size





Black / Camouflage


1 year



100W ETFE RV Solar Panel Kit Description

1), Super portable to be ideal for outdoor use

The portability level of such a RV solar panel kit may play an important role for the feeling of outdoor RV camping. This GGXingEnergy® 100w RV solar panel kit is only with two solar panels. You can open and fold it very easily and quickly. Because it is foldable, a 100w RV solar panel kit can be folded to only half size, saving the storage space for you directly. When you want to carry it, the handle can help you. The PET lamination craft can make such kind of 100w RV solar panel kit be with only half weight of a traditional glass 100w solar panel. And since it is covered with cloth, do not need to worry it may hurt the hands again when carrying it.

2), Added with kickstands to improve charging efficiency

The advantage brought by the kickstands is the RV solar panel kit can get above 10% more sunlight via the adjusting for the angle facing to sunlight. If there is no such a kickstand, you will need to find a holder to support the RV solar panel kit. Obviously, the RV solar panel kit with kickstands at back directly will be much more convenient. Or you have to let the RV solar panel kit be lying flat.

3), Multifunctional and compatible for kinds of DC devices

DC 18V Output

The DC 18V port on this 100w RV solar panel kit can reach to max 5.5A. It can charge well a portable solar system / portable power station, laptop, or 12v lead acid and lithium battery.

USB Output

This USB port is additionally for such a large 100w RV solar panel kit. It can reduce the dependence on the portable power station. Because you can also charge your phone, power bank, tablet, and other USB supported devices via our GGXingEnergy® 100w RV solar panel kit directly under sunshine.

QC 3.0 / Type-C Output

Besides a general USB port, this 100w RV solar panel kit can also support the charging for QC3.0 / PD protocol electronic devices. And that is max PD 60W, more powerful than some similar items with PD 45W.

4), Higher quality level with new ETFE technology

Some customers may more care the quality performance. Or if you will use the 100w RV solar panel kit frequently at outdoor, we suggest to choose the ETFE RV solar panel kit, not a general PET laminated one. If frequently using for the PET laminated RV solar panel kit, you may find obvious aging for the product after one year. Thus the RV solar panel kit with ETFE coat may delay the aging around three years. This is because the ETFE material is better for heat and corrosion resistance.

Also the ETFE surface is with honey comb structure, which can absorb more sunlight and improve the charging efficiency.

100W ETFE RV Solar Panel Kit FAQ

1), What kind of products can not be charged via the GGXingEnergy® 100w RV solar panel kit?

The 100w RV solar panel kit is only DC output, without AC output. It can charge a portable power station or be a part of your own DIY solar system, where there is AC output. If the device is not suited to the output voltage of this 100w RV solar panel kit or not supported by an external charging way, then it can not be charged via a RV solar panel kit. Or if you just find there is no a right connecting way to your device, you can contact us to solve the problem for you.


2), What is the real output data for this RV solar panel kit, not 100w?

No, it is 100% real 100w. GGXingEnergy will never cheat customer for the power declaration on purpose. But it is true that some customers will write the situation as not reaching 100w when use. This is not only for our RV solar panel kit, but also for other sellers. So how this occurs? This is caused by the working way of solar panel itself. Because the power source of a RV solar panel kit is sunlight, and there is no way for it to store power, as soon as sunlight becoming weak, you will get lower power. Especially normally customers are checking the power into the charged devices. Like when charging a portable power station, its screen showing there is 60w into the device for charging from the RV solar panel kit. Thus this is the working power on load. We need to consider the inevitable consumption. The real power from the RV solar panel kit will be higher than the working power on load.


3), Does this 100w RV solar panel kit fit for all kinds of portable power stations? Or how can I know whether it is suitable for my power station?

Our 100w RV solar panel kit is 18V voltage and max 5.5A current. If your power station not accepting DC 18V for charging, then it can not use this 100w RV solar panel kit. Or some power stations will have current charging limitation, if it can not accept max 5.5A for charging, then please choose a smaller power RV solar panel kit.

We already enclose 4 connectors for brands of portable power stations on market. The info is showed as below picture. If your portable power station needs another connector type, then matching the right connector will be ok. We can try to solve this for you.

4), Same as above, how to distinguish whether the 100w RV solar panel kit can charge a laptop?

The laptop with DC 16V to 24V input for charging can be charged by this 100w RV solar panel kit directly via its DC 18V port. There are 10 DC connectors for brands of laptops on market, but not for MacBook. It can realize the charging via the PD port with its original type-c charging cable.

5), How the 100w RV solar panel kit works with a 12v battery?

This 100w RV solar panel kitcan charge 12v batteries, both for lead-acid and lithium battery types. We suggest to use a solar controller together with the RV solar panel kit. Because it can provide charging protection for the battery. If your battery is 12v lithium one, please firstly confirm whether the solar controller has the function for charging 12v lithium battery. In our package for the 100w RV solar panel kit, there is no a solar controller. Because some customers may not need it. And we do not include it to drop the cost for customers. Or if you have your own solar controller, we can provide the battery clips and connecting cable for you. Or if you need to buy it from our part, we can find one for you and install well the related cables for you. Connecting the battery clips with your 12v battery, then connect the solar controller with solar panel under direct sunlight, the charging will be on.

6), Whether such a 100w RV solar panel kit be waterproof? If yes, how it performs?

Yes, this GGXingEnergy® 100w RV solar panel kit is waterproof. But it is not full waterproof. There is still use limitation. The cable lead and junction box is totally not waterproof. And we only suggest to the water splashing situation, never soaking it in water or leaving it in heavy rain.

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