Folding Solar Panel Array Panel
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Folding Solar Panel Array Panel

Focusing on making durable, powerful and easy-to-use folding solar panel array Panel, and putting the quality and customer service at the first place, GGXingEnergy® always wins the satisfaction from customers. If you have any interest in the folding solar panel array, you can inquiry us with our best price list. We can be your reliable supplier in China!

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Product Description

The portable solar panel and portable power already bring large evolution for people’s outdoor life. This GGXingEnergy® 60w folding solar panel array Panel is great to have. Price is very competitive and with ensured high quality. Powerful and multifunctional, and portable enough, it is convenient for carrying, storing and transporting.

60W Folding Solar Panel Array Panel Parameter

Solar Panel Max Power

60 Watt

Solar Cell Type

A-grade monocrystalline

Solar Cell Efficiency


Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp)


Optimum Operating Current (Imp)


Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short-Circuit Current (Isc)



DC port: 18V3A (max)

USB Port: 5V/2.1A (max)

QC3.0 Port: 5V9V12V 24W (max)

TYPE-C Port: 5V-15V 18W (max)

Test Condition

STC Irradiance 1000W/m², TC=25℃, AM=1.5

Operating Temperature

14℉-149℉ (-10℃-+65℃)


PET + EVA layer + Solar Cell + PCB backer sheet + Canvas cloth cover

Extended Size


Folded Size



2.6kg / 5.73lb


Black / Camouflage




1 year

60W Folding Solar Panel Array Feature

Easy for carrying

A folding solar panel array Panel is super portable. Weights only 5.73lb, with comfortable handle, compact size as folded to be like a briefcase, it is actually so easy to be taken anywhere.

Wide using area

Such a folding solar panel array Panel is easy to be set up. You can put it behind the windshield, or on the awning, or tie it up at the top of a car or camper, or hang it on a tree or tent, or set it on the ground…

Equipped with kickstands

You can adjust the folding solar panel array’s angle to face better with the sunlight. Benefitted from this, the folding solar panel array Panel can get 30% more power than flat laying.

Durable and water resistant

Such a folding solar panel array Panel is designed for outdoor use, it is durable enough for harsh natural condition. The fabric cover can stand the friction on ground and bear the water splash with the protection of the glue at cloth back.

High efficiency up to 22%

Some of other monocrystalline solar panels may only with efficiency around 18%, but our folding solar panel array Panel can be up to 22% efficiency. This means if two same power 60w folding solar panel array Panel, the higher efficiency one can be smaller size and lighter weight, also performing better for charging.


Wide compatible for full DC use

Up to 4 outports. The 60w folding solar panel array Panel can charge portable power station / solar generator, laptop / notebook and 12V car / boat / RV battery (via the DC 18V port); or mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, tablets, power bank, PSP, Bluetooth, GPS, music player, and other small devices (via the USB A, QC3.0 or Type-C port).

Powering your outdoor adventure

This kind of folding solar panel array Panel can solve the issue having no access to power for recharging when outdoor. No matter you are travelling, hiking, camping, boating, fishing, climbing, trekking, hunting, survival, you can get power directly from sunlight, no needing to rely on a wall outlet again.

60W Folding Solar Panel Array FAQ

As noted, this folding solar panel array is 60w, but why I can not see 60w when use?

This issue is mainly caused by the working principle of solar panel. It is converting sunlight to power. As you see sunlight is constantly changed. Then the power level will rise if sunshine is strong, and down with poor light. And we say the max power 60w is from solar panel itself, not the working power when connected with load. For example, when charging a portable power under direct full sunshine at noon, you may see 40w-50w into the portable battery. This 40w-50w is the working power into load, which should be less than the original power from solar panel, causing by consumption.

Or if the folding solar panel array is put behind the window or covered with shadow, or used under the bright sunlight but at early morning or late afternoon, or the solar panel becoming very hot, or facing the sunlight with a bad angle, you will also get poor power.

It seems to be small, such a 60w folding solar panel array will be powerful enough to charge a portable power station?

Actually, if your portable power station is with large battery capacity, or you hope it can be fully recharged within one day to powering your whole night, we suggest to choose the larger power 100w, 120w, or even 200w. Or some portable power stations will only accept max 60w solar panel, charging current not over 3A, this one should be good. We suggest to choose the folding solar panel array as per your charging request.

P.S.: The attached 4 DC connectors can suit most brands of portable power stations on market. If there is no right one for you, we can add it.

This folding solar panel array is described to be waterproof, if one day I forget it in rain, will it still work?

Yes, it is waterproof. But like general digital products, please take this folding solar panel array be away from rain or not soaked in water. If it is wet, we suggest to use it when it becoming dry. For the junction box and the cable outlet, they are not water-proof. Please keep them being dry.

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