300-Watt Folding Solar Panel
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300-Watt Folding Solar Panel

As one of the China 300-watt folding solar panel suppliers, that will be our honor to provide the high quality 300-watt folding solar panel and superior service to customers. And GuangGu Xing Energy will always try our best to provide better product and service. Looking forwarder to cooperate with you.

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Product Description

300-Watt Folding Solar Panel


Such a kind of 300-watt folding solar panel is with absolute advantages compared with a traditional solar panel. Its aim is being portable enough and providing super convenience for your outdoor trips / camping, or emergency situations.

1, 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel Parameter


Solar Panel Max Power


Solar Type

A-grade monocrystalline solar cell

Solar Cell Efficiency


Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp)


Optimum Operating Current (Imp)


Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short-Circuit Current (Isc)


Solar Panel Folds



MC4/Anderson Port: 18V/16.6A (max, at no-load condition)

Test Condition

STC Irradiance 1000W/m² , TC=25℃, AM=1.5

Operating Temperature

14℉-149℉ (-10℃-+65℃)

Extended Size


Folded Size





Black / Camouflage


1 year




2, 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel Features & Description


1), Super large current up to 16A

Since the power source for the 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel is from direct sunlight, the charging result for the loads is totally decided by sunshine intension. If you want to improve the charging efficiency, it is so necessary to choose a larger power solar panel. This GGXingEnergy® 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel can reach 16A max current to provide super fast charging for you.


2), Ensured high quality

The 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel is using A grade monocrystalline solar cells, with efficiency above 22%. The cloth cover is a kind of durable fabric. Only the durable enough and high quality material can ensure its nice work when outdoor.


3), Equipped with 5 supporting legs

At the back of each panel, it is sewed well with a cloth covered aluminum supporting leg. So there are total 5 kickstands, which can support the 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel well and be convenient for you to adjust the position of the 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel. After the adjusting, the 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel can toward 90 degrees to sunlight and realize its highest output.


4), A portable way benefitting your outdoors

Yes, such a large power 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel is portable. And the portable percent is very high. Firstly, in order to improve its portability, such a 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel is made to be almost only half weight of a general 300watt glass laminated solar panel. The size of a 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel is divided to 5 parts, each 60watt. So after it is folded, you are carrying only 1/5 size of a 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel. And there is a handle for your carrying.


5), Including a 30A solar controller

In the package of this 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel there is a PWM 30A solar controller. It can protect well the charging for the 12v battery and extend the battery’s life-span during the charging.


6), Using tips for the 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel

Regarding the included solar controller, it is PWM mode and only working for 12v lead-acid battery. If your battery is lithium type, please contact us to change the solar controller type for you. Or if your battery is 24v, we can change the voltage of solar panel to be 36v. Or if you do not need such a solar controller, you can contact us to move its cost for you.

This large power 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel is good for charging a large capacity 12v battery. If you want to charge other 18v units, we suggest to firstly confirm well their maximum accepted charging currents.

The cloth cover and the solar panel surface are waterproof. But never soaking the 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel in water, and being away from heavy rain.

The output port of the 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel can be customized. If no request, the standard port will be MC4 and with 2m cable.

This 300-Watt Folding Solar Panel will be only with 18V output, no USB output.

During real use, you will always get less than 300watt. Please kindly note that this is never a product problem, but all kinds of solar panels’ outputs are totally decided by sunshine intension.



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