160W Folding Solar Panel
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160W Folding Solar Panel

As an experienced and responsible 160w folding solar panel factory, you can always have very comfortable cooperation with GuangGu Xing Energy. And we believe our warm and sincere working attitude can win your deep trust and our long time cooperating.

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Product Description

Do you meet the trouble for being lacking with wall outlet when camping? This should be a common issue when outdoor. And even if you are using a portable power station, its battery capacity can not ensure the long working. Take the GGXingEnergy® 160W Folding Solar Panel for your camping. And it can provide endless solar power to recharge the units along with you.

160W Folding Solar Panel Parameter

Solar Panel Max Power


Solar Type

A-grade monocrystalline solar cell

Solar Cell Efficiency


Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp)


Optimum Operating Current (Imp)


Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short-Circuit Current (Isc)


Solar Panel Folds



USB Port: 5V/2.1A (max)

QC3.0 Port: 5V-3A or 9V-2.5A or 12V-2A, 24W (max)

TYPE-C Port: 5V-3A or 9V-3A or 12V-3A or 15V-3A or 20V-3A, PD60W (max)

DC Port: 18V/5.5A (max, at no-load condition)

Test Condition

STC Irradiance 1000W/m² , TC=25℃, AM=1.5

Operating Temperature

14℉-149℉ (-10℃-+65℃)

Extended Size


Folded Size





Black / Camouflage


1 year



160W Folding Solar Panel Description

1), The foldable design to be super portable

To serve well the outdoor application, the GGXingEnergy® 160W Folding Solar Panel should be as portable as possible. In order to control the size after being folded and also ensure the convenience for folded and extended operation, finally the 160W Folding Solar Panel is made to be 4 folds. And with the handle, you are like carrying a large briefcase and easier for moving than a general panel.


2), The bracket can help you to find the best angle to face sunlight all the time

Each panel of the 160W Folding Solar Panel is fixed with a bracket. The benefit bringing from the brackets will be very obviously. You can compare the power outputs from the 160W Folding Solar Panel for the different situations as lying flat and 90 degrees toward to sunlight.

3), Multi outputs powering your full digital products

The 160W Folding Solar Panel is without AC output, but it is with the full DC outputs. Via the 18V port, you can charge your own DIY solar system, portable power station, laptop, or 12v car/boat/RV battery. Besides a general USB port, it is also equipped with USB QC3.0 and Type-C port. So when your battery is powered off, you can still get charging from the 160W Folding Solar Panel. For the phone, tablet, power bank, GPS, notebook, game player and other digital products, that will be safe and fast charging. Where sunlight is available, charging will be going.

4), ETFE surface, the enjoy for better working performance  

The only disadvantage for the ETFE surface should it has higher price than the PETone. But if you using a PET 160W Folding Solar Panel very frequently, after one year you may feel you need to buy a new one instead. Thus if an ETFE 160W Folding Solar Panel, you may have the feeling until 3 years later. Of course, this is just an abstract example, final product situation will be totally depended on the use way and condition. The reason for the difference is the ETFE material can perform well for heat and corrosion resistance to extend the service life of a 160W Folding Solar Panel.

5), IP54 protection, waterproof and dustproof

The fabric cover of the 160W Folding Solar Panel is durable and waterproof. Especially the ETFE solar panel coat is better for being dustproof than the PET one and with the self-clean function. This can make the 160W Folding Solar Panel be more adaptable to the extreme environments. But please kindly note that the output cable lead and the junction box are totally not waterproof. And we suggest to hide them well in the pocket when not using. IP54 grade will be like water splashing protection. The 160W Folding Solar Panel can not be soaked in water. And please also let it be away from heavy rain.

160W Folding Solar Panel FAQ

1), What is the real power of the GGXingEnergy® 160W Folding Solar Panel?

Its real power is max 150w. And during the real use, you almost can not get 150w due to the sunlight intension. The standard test condition to reach max 150w isSTC Irradiance 1000W/m² , TC=25℃, AM=1.5. When at a supper sunny summer noon, it is possible to get the power near to its max power.


2), What is the use scope to the portable power stations for the 160W Folding Solar Panel?

Firstly the portable power station should accept 18V solar panel for recharging. If it needs 24V, we can change the 160W Folding Solar Panel to be 36V specially.

Then please pay attention to its max current for charging. This 160W Folding Solar Panel can be up to max 8.33A. For example, if your portable power station only accept max 5A for charging, the 100w panel will be good. But the larger power panel can work well when sunshine becoming weaker. Considering this, you can reduce the panel for the 160w model if you need less power when sunshine is bright. The 4 panels on it are in parallel connection. So if you only let two panels be under sunlight, you will use around 80w.

Then please see whether there is right connector for your portable power. Our 160W Folding Solar Panel will include 4 connectors (8mm, 5.5x2.1mm, 5.5x2.5mm, 3.15x1.35mm). The connectors can be still added as per your request.

Normally the 160W Folding Solar Panel can be compatible to most brands of portable power supply on market.

3), Does the 160W Folding Solar Panel include a solar controller?

Sorry, it is not included. The reason is some customers do not need this function at all. Or some people already have their own solar controllers. Or their batteries are lithium types, and we can not match a normal solar controller for 12v lead-acid battery. If we just include it, this will increase the unnecessary cost to customers.


4), What will the influence to the battery if not using a solar controller?

If not using the solar controller, there will be risk to let the battery be discharging and overcharging. The solar controller can do the protection all the time and this will be very helpful to extend the battery’s life-span. If you want it, please kindly provide us your battery type info and your price goal, we can match it for you.


5), Can you do the customization for the 160W Folding Solar Panel?

Yes, we can work well with your customization requests. No matter for the output port, design changement, logo printing, cloth color, cloth quality grade, accessories, and other requests, please just feel free to talk with us.


6), Is there any MOQ request for the 160W Folding Solar Panel?

We always do not have a special MOQ request. And we’d rather to provide the convenience to you for the sample and trial order. And we welcome the drop shipping customers. For long time cooperation, we can keep stock for you.

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