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Solar Chargers Portable

GGXingEnergy® is a professional manufacturer for high quality Solar Chargers Portable. We always engage in developing the portable solar panel charger to meet the various demands from the market. You can rest assured to buy portable solar panel charger from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

The following is the introduction of a very classical 8w Solar Chargers Portable Although it is a small body, such a Solar Chargers Portable can provide you huge powerful use. Due to its hot selling over the past years, there are many similar items. But GGXingEnergy can assure the best quality with very competitive price! Sincerely welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!

8W Portable Solar Panel Charger Parameter

Solar Panel Power: 8 Watt (max)

Solar Type: A-grade monocrystalline solar cell

Solar Cell Efficiency: >19.8%

USB Output: Max Power 7W; around 5V / 0A - 1.2A (max, at no-load condition)

Waterproof: IP64 (the USB controller is not waterproof)

Extended Size: 545*170*10mm / 21.5x6.7x0.4 inch

Folded Size: 170*105*30mm / 6.7x4.2x1.2 inch

Weight: 280g / 0.6lb

Color: Black / Red Camo/Pink Camo/Blue Camo/Green Camo/Digital Camo

8W Solar Chargers Portable Application

Charging the 5V USB powered devices such as phone, smart phones, power bank, Bluetooth, GPS, MP3, MP4, camera, directly under outdoor sunlight, no needing battery. A foldable andSolar Chargers Portable great for your camping, hiking, travelling, picnic, boating, fishing and other outdoor activities.

8W Portable Solar Panel Charger Feature

How can your 8w Solar Chargers Portable to be the best quality on the whole market?

Actually, for the Solar Chargers Portable, the most important part is the solar panel. Firstly, we ensure the Solar Chargers Portable is real and full power 8w, made from A grade monocrystalline solar cell. Thus 95% other sellers use the lower quality polycrystalline solar cell, max power around 6w. Or they even can not ensure the basic quality of a solar panel. Lots of them are already with broken solar cells before the final producing, but the solar panels are still used and finally a broken one with fake power sent out, just to save cost… That is an old craft to make the solar cell to be easy broken. But we already developed out a new craft to solve this issue. Each GGXingEnergy 8w Solar Chargers Portable will be fully tested with 100% full power before sending.

Such a Solar Chargers Portable is sewed with cloth cover, and with glue on the frame of cloth and solar panel. Many factories just do rough producing to save labor cost. When customer receive his Solar Chargers Portable, he will see glue and extra threads there. But we always very care such details. You will get a very clean 8w Solar Chargers Portable from us.

Why such a small 8w Solar Chargers Portable can continue being hot over the past years? Can it really do charging?

Firstly people may be attracted by its cute appearance. The 8w Solar Chargers Portable is actually like a wallet. After being folded, it is only 170x105mm, almost same size with a phone. It can be even put into your pocket directly.

Below are some feedback tips about the real use from the end customers.

The 8w Solar Chargers Portable also provides a water-resistant cloth cover which is ideal for marine use or durable for any outdoor applications, like camping, hiking, fishing and more.

There are total 7 cable tips at the frame of the 8w Solar Chargers Portable. You can easily hang the Solar Chargers Portable on your tent, backpack, car, or bicycle.

8W Portable Solar Panel Charger FAQ

Can the 8w portable solar panel charger charge iphone? Yes, it can charge iphone. But we suggest to do this under strong sunshine. Specially, iphone is with security system, please unplug the USB cable, and reconnect it with the 8w Solar Chargers Portable in direct sun again if your iphone shows "this item is not supported".

Can the 8w portable solar panel charger charge tablets? Yes. But we suggest to do this under strong sunshine. The max current of the 8w portable solar panel charger can be up to 1.2A. Under this full current, the charging for tablets is with no problem. But when cloudy or poor sunshine condition, the charging will not be available again.

Will the 8w portable solar panel charger cause discharging? It will not cause discharging. During the real use, sometimes we can find the phone’s battery power is reduced and with no rising at all after long time connecting with the 8w portable solar panel charger. It’s not because of discharging, but due to the power consumption of phone itself. During the long connection with the 8w portable solar panel charger, sunlight condition is changed all the time, and the phone is not always charged. But the phone is still work there, then you will see power losing. Specially for some Samsung models, when charging is not available, its screen will flash to remind you. This behavior will cause high percent of power losing.

Sunshine is strong outside, but the charging is not in. Normally such a problem is still due to the weak sunlight. If your phone needing high current for charging, such as iphone, the sunshine is still not strong enough, you will see no charging. Or if you use the 8w pSolar Chargers Portable at early morning or late afternoon, you see sunshine is bright, but this kind of sunlight is not strong at all. Of course there is no charging. We suggest to use the 8w Solar Chargers Portable at sunny noon if you care about the fast charging.

Does the 8w Solar Chargers Portable have a charging cable? The 8w portable solar panel charger includes a 30cm micro 5pin USB charging cable. It can fit lots of 5v digital devices. Or if it not matching your device, please kindly use your own original USB charging cable.

Can the 8w Solar Chargers Portable still work if I forgot it in rain, since it is waterproof? Yes, the cloth cover is waterproof. But since the cloth is sewed with the solar panel, please do not soak it in water. And the USB controller part is totally not waterproof. If it is in rain, we suggest to use it after the USB controller is dry.

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