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Solar USB Charger

GGXingEnergy is a professional leader China solar USB charger, solar battery charger, portable solar panel manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us.

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Product Description

The first selling for this GGXingEnergy® 8watt solar USB charger is around 10 years ago. And it can be always a super hot selling solar USB charger on aliexpress, ebay, shopify, Amazon. Its love & compact size and the friendly price create its classical history.

8Watt Solar USB Charger Parameter

Solar Panel Power: 8 Watt (max)

Solar Type: A-grade monocrystalline solar cell

Solar Cell Efficiency: >19.8%

USB Output: Max Power 7W; around 5V / 0A - 1.2A (max, at no-load condition)

Waterproof: IP64 (the USB controller is not waterproof)

Extended Size: 545*170*10mm  / 21.5x6.7x0.4 inch

Folded Size: 170*105*30mm  / 6.7x4.2x1.2 inch

Weight: 280g / 0.6lb

Color: Black / Red Camo/Pink Camo/Blue Camo/Green Camo/Digital Camo

8Watt Solar USB Charger Application

If the device can be supported via USB port, then this GGXingEnergy® 8watt solar USB charger can charge it. The solar USB charger can convert sunlight to power directly, then produce the power out via the USB port. When you are outdoor or in an emergency and with no access to get wall outlet, you can use the solar USB charger to recharge your phone, power bank, GPS, earphone, PSP, switch, camera…

8Watt Solar USB Charger Feature

A, Small body but powerful

It is the smallest size on the market, just like a wallet size after being folded. The GGXingEnergy® 8watt solar USB charger can produce out max 1.2A current. When sunshine is strong enough, it can powerfully charge your devices.

B, Foldable + Super portable design

The 8watt solar USB charger is foldable with 4 mini solar panels, extended to be 545*170*10mm. Then it can be folded to be 170*105*30mm. With a velcro tape to be fixed at top. Benefitted from such a small body, you can throw it in your backpack easily, or hang it on the bag, or just put it in your pocket.

C, Durable enough for outdoors

You will never need to worry whether such a small 8watt solar USB charger is durable enough when you are outdoor. The solar panel is protected well by the PET lamination craft and PCB backboard. The fabric is a kind of PVC canvas with glue at back, both to be durable and waterproof.

8Watt Solar USB Charger FAQ

a, How fast does it charge?

Firstly we have to point out that this kind of solar USB charger is without battery inside to store power, and it needs to convert sunlight to power. So a solar USB charger can not provide stable power and we need to set the fastest charging condition as sunlight is strong enough to let the solar USB charger give out its max current. Based on this to do the reference, the 8watt solar USB charger will take 120-180 minutes to charge an iPhone 12 from 40%-100% battery.

b, The solar USB charger is declared as 8watt. But when real use, why it seems to never match 8watt?

The reason is same as above. The power source for the solar USB charger is from unstable sunlight. Because it is unstable, we can only say the solar USB charger is maximum 8watt. And the max power is based on the standard test condition as STC Irradiance 1000W/m², TC=25℃, AM=1.5. Also it is related to the calculation. For example, when charging your phone, you may find the output power is 1A and 5V, then 1A x 5V = 5W. Some customers may think its max power is 5watt as per the calculating. But 8watt is for the max power of the solar panel, not the working current into the charged loads. This GGXingEnergy® 8watt solar USB charger is with max 8watt solar panel. The solar panel itself is 6V, then max output current from the solar panel is 1.2A. Thus if charging phone, the phone itself will only accept max 1A. And the voltage is stable at 5V via the USB controller to provide the safe charging condition for phone. When real use, you will get 0A-1A, decided by sunshine intension.


c, What is its real power for this “8watt” solar USB charger and what is your best price? It is easy to find several similar items, which are described as 10w, 20w, or even 70w? Also the price is very competitive and selling is very well…

The real power is 8watt for this solar USB charger. And if you see other similar item is also 4 folds and with the near size info, then only we provide the max power. This solar USB charger was firstly hot from our factory. And other companies began to copy it, but they use very low quality solar panel to drop the price and write fake description to win the orders. What they care is the solar USB charger out from factory can work will be ok. No any quality control for the real output current at all. But our quality control is the solar USB charger must be tested with 1.2A on the machine. Also our solar panel is with much improvement to reach better quality grade. Actually the price will be without large difference from our part. But you can get a better quality solar USB charger with much longer service life. Welcome the price inquiry.

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