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Solar Mobile Charger

With several years developing in the solar mobile charger area, GGXingEnergy has accumulated full experience in producing well the solar mobile charger. And with the strict control for quality, we have been a very reliable China solar mobile charger supplier. If you want to buy solar mobile charger, or you are interested in solar mobile charger price, we will provide you the newest solar mobile charger with most competitive price.

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Product Description

Since the solar panel can convert sunlight to power directly, a solar mobile charger becomes more and more important for the outdoor elements. Then how to choose a good solar mobile charger? Like this GGXingEnergy® newest 30w solar mobile charger, it is with absolute advantages with the improved ETFE craft and remarkable quick charging function. No another similar solar mobile charger can instead its nice price and quality ratio.

30W Solar Mobile Charger Parameter

Solar Panel Max Power


Solar Type

A-grade monocrystalline solar cell

Solar Cell Efficiency


Output Ports

USB A 1: 5V2.1A (max); USB A 2: QC3.0 24W max (5V9V12V); USB C: PD 18W max (5V9V12V)


ETFE film + Solar Cells + PCB backer sheet + Canvas cloth cover

Solar Panel Quantity


Extended Size

90x28x1cm / 35.4x11x0.4in

Folded Size

28x19.5x3cm / 11x7.7x1.2in 


0.80kg / 1.8lbs


Black / Red Camo/Pink Camo/Blue Camo/Green Camo/Digital Camo


1 year


Mobile Phone, Tablet, Power Bank, PSP, MP4, GPS, Earphone, 5V USB powered devices or QC3.0 and PD protocol electronic devices

30W Solar Mobile Charger Features

1)ETFE with polymer film optimizing the price & quality ratio directly

Firstly, compared to other materials, the ETFE material has high temperature resistance, durable, light, with high light transmission as well as a longer service life. This GGXingEnergy® 30w solar mobile charger is not simply with an ETFE coat. It is added with a special polymer film to protect well the solar cell, and the solar panel can be made to be thinner and lighter. Finally the shipping cost can be down to save cost for you, and you can get a better quality solar mobile charger.

2)Good for outdoors

This kind of solar mobile charger is designed for outdoor use. Not like the traditional glass solar panel, such a solar mobile charger will be portable enough for your easy carrying when outdoor. When use, you can freely hang it on a tree or your backpack via the 4 metal holes on the corner of the solar mobile charger. Then it can be folded back to be a magazine size to be set into your backpack.

The ETFE coat can perform well for high temperature and corrosion resistance. And it is also dustproof and against scratching. The cloth is waterproof and durable enough for outdoor harsh situation.

3)Safe, smart and quick charging

Our 30w solar phone charger is newly added with QC3.0 and Type-C charging function. It can ensure safe charging for your phone. The built-in smart chip can automatically distinguish the charged devices and provide the best charging status for it.


30W Solar Mobile Charger Application

There are three outputs via the 30w solar mobile charger. 1, General USB port, 5V2.1A (max). 2, QC3.0 port (Orange USB), 24W max (5V9V12V). 3, USB C port, PD 18W max (5V9V12V). The solar mobile charger can convert sunlight to power to charge brands of smart phones, power bank, tablets, GPS, earphone, PSP, switch and other 5V USB supported small units, and also for QC3.0 and PD protocol electronic devices. Such a solar mobile charger can provide essential portable power for your RV camping, travel, picnic, and other outdoor lives or be used for home emergency and off grid living power outage supplies.

30W Solar Mobile Charger Use Tips

1)The waterproof situation will be like water splashing. Please make the solar mobile charger be away from water, especially do not soak it in water or leave it in heavy rain. The junction box of the solar mobile charger is totally not waterproof.

2)Although the ETFE material can improve the corrosion resistance of the solar mobile charger, please still take good care of its use. Specially we saw some customers’ feedbacks like being put outside day by day and cause quick ageing. That will be true. Because the materials for such kind of solar mobile charger is not like the roof glass solar pv panel.

3)The power source of a solar mobile charger is sunlight. So a solar mobile charger can not be used indoor. And since sunlight intension is unstable, the output power of the solar mobile charger will be stronger when sunlight is brighter, or poorer and no working when weak sunshine. So that if you find the charging is not ideal, please use the solar mobile charger again when sunshine is stronger. Normally such a weak charging issue is not a product problem. And this is also the reason as you can not get full 30w from the solar mobile charger when real use. Especially for the PD charging, we suggest to use it under strong sunshine condition.

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