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Solar Charger Hiking

High quality solar charger hiking is offered by China manufacturer GGXingEnergy, with full experience and being located in Shenzhen. Buy solar charger hiking which is of high quality directly with low price.

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Product Description

Below is the details for a GGXingEnergy® 30 watt solar charger hiking. Then you can get a full reference about the advantages and working features for a solar charger hiking.

30 Watt Solar Charger Hiking Parameter

Solar Panel Max Power


Solar Type

A-grade monocrystalline solar cell

Solar Cell Efficiency


Output Ports

USB A 1: 5V2.1A (max); USB A 2: QC3.0 24W max (5V9V12V); USB C: PD 18W max (5V9V12V)


ETFE film + Solar Cells + PCB backer sheet + Canvas cloth cover

Solar Panel Quantity


Extended Size

90x28x1cm / 35.4x11x0.4in

Folded Size

28x19.5x3cm / 11x7.7x1.2in 


0.80kg / 1.8lbs


Black / Red Camo/Pink Camo/Blue Camo/Green Camo/Digital Camo


1 year


Mobile Phone, Tablet, Power Bank, PSP, MP4, GPS, Earphone, 5V USB powered devices or QC3.0 and PD protocol electronic devices



30 Watt Solar Charger Hiking Application

When you are on hiking, you can take such a GGXingEnergy® 30 watt solar charger hiking to power your phone, tablet, power bank, GPS, earphone, PSP, switch, camera and other 5V USB supported or QC3.0 and PD protocol electronic devices. Or for RV camping, off roading, travelling, hunting, fishing, survival, emergency, where and when there are no ports to charge the small devices, it can provide free and endless solar charging for you.

30 Watt Solar Charger Hiking Description

A, 22% high efficiency mono solar cell + ECTFE coat = Advanced higher quality level

A general solar panel may have efficiency around 15%. But our GGXingEnergy® 30 watt solar charger hiking is updated to 22%. The higher efficiency solar panel has higher converting rate for sunlight. And this converting rate is further updated via the honey comb structure on the ETFE surface. What’s more, being better for bearing heat and corrosion, dust and scratch proof, there is no doubt that such a solar charger hiking will be with much longer service life than a similar PET laminated item. Then the ECTFE is a new craft to add a special polymer layer to protect the solar cell and make the solar panel be thinner, finally drop the whole weight of the solar charger hiking. The ECTFE 30 watt solar charger hiking is lighter around 300g than a same design 30w PET one.

B, Safe & Fast Charging, equal to the AC adapter charging under super strong sunlight

The GGXingEnergy® 30 watt solar charger hiking is equipped with QC3.0 and Type-C port, except a general USB port. It is built with smart chip to ensure the safe charging. And it supports the iphone PD3.0/2.0, Huawei FCP, Xiaomi QC3.0/2.0 and other main fast charging protocol. The max current of this solar charger hiking can be up to 2.4A. If sunshine is strong enough, it can perform well as the AC adapter charging via wall outlet.


C, Small and portable enough, great for outdoor carrying

Let’s see its size info, extended to be 90x28x1cm / 35.4x11x0.4in, and folded to be 28x19.5x3cm / 11x7.7x1.2in. The foldable design finally makes the long body be folded into only a magazine size. Weight is 0.80kg / 1.8lbs. The solar charger hiking can be hung on the backpack via the enclosed hookers when walking. This is so friendly and convenient to the backpackers.

Use Tips for 30 Watt Solar Charger Hiking

A, This GGXingEnergy® 30 watt solar charger hiking is with solar panel max 30w. Due to the working feature of solar panel itself, the consumption when charging and also the charged devices’ own current requests, the solar charger hiking will fail to reach 30w rated power output in actual usage. This is a very general situation for all the solar panels, never a product problem.


B, When use we can care these issues to make the solar charger hiking produce out more power.

1), Make all the 4 folds of solar panels on the solar charger hiking be covered with more and more sunlight, no shadow, no dusts or other sticky substances on them. And it is better to use the solar charger hiking under direct strong sunshine. Because the sunlight intension will decide its final output power directly.


2), Although the ETFE coat will improve the solar panel’s heat resistance, high temperature will still cause power losing of the solar charger hiking. If you find the solar charger hiking is with slower charging under super bright sunlight, we suggest to use it again after it is cooling down.


3), Put the solar charger hiking at a right angle with sunlight exposure. If sunlight is shining at 90 degrees on the panels, that will be the strongest sunlight exposure. Since sun position is always changing, we should focus on the best angle.


4), When sunlight is weak, the quick charging function may be unstable. This is because there may be no enough power out from the solar charger hiking under weak sunshine, thus the devices need high current for quick charging. Under this situation, the general USB port may be more stable.


5), The canvas cover and ETFE surface of the 30 watt solar charger hiking can guarantee IP54 dust and water proof level protection to ensure to withstand outdoor use. If water splashing on the solar charger hiking, it will be ok. But please do not soak the solar charger hiking in water, or put it under heavy rain. Especially, the USB junction box is totally not waterproof and also not dustproof. Please protect it well when use. The ETFE surface will be easy to be cleaned. But if you do not need to use it, it is better to take it back from outside to cause less old aging for the product.


6), This GGXingEnergy® 30 watt solar charger hiking can not charge laptop, 12v battery, portable power station and ipad pro. If you have any charging request on one of them, you can inquiry us freely. We can recommend the right product for you as per your charging requests and price goal.

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