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Solar Battery Charger

With years of developing, GuangGuXing Energy has been an experienced and professional China solar battery charger supplier. Our aim is trying our best to provide customers with top quality products and premium working, considering things at customer’s position. In future, we will keep searching better product and service.

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Product Description

Now the ETFE one-piece laminating solar battery charger has been a new trend due to its outstanding features. If you want to buy a more durable solar battery charger to serve well for your outdoor adventures, please kindly look at below GGXingEnergy® 21w solar battery charger.

21 Watt Solar Battery Charger Parameter

Solar Panel Max Power


Solar Cell Type

sunpower solar cell

Solar Cell Efficiency


Output Ports

USB A 1: 5V2.1A (max); USB A 2: 5V2.1A (max)


ETFE film + Solar Cells + backer sheet + Canvas cloth cover


One-piece lamination

Solar Panel Folds


Extended Size


Folded Size







1 year


Mobile Phone, Tablet, Power Bank, PSP, MP4, GPS, Earphone, 5V USB powered devices



21 Watt Solar Battery Charger Description

1), Honey-comb structure surface increasing light-trapping

This GGXingEnergy® 21w solar battery charger is with a kind of concave-convex surface. When sunlight there, this structure can absorb more light from other angles. Compared to the solar battery charger with smooth surface, it can convert 10% more power out.

2), Using sunpower solar cell from America

The solar cell of the 21w solar battery charger is sunpower. Firstly its efficiency is higher than the general monocrystalline one. And its toughness is much better. Without a thin back board, the sunpower solar cell can be still bended around 30 degrees. But other general ones can not be like this. So that normally a sunpower solar battery charger can be lighter than others due to the thinner board.

3), ETFE material with more advantages

The solar battery charger is using in the sun. We need to use better materials to improve its heat-dispassion and aging against characteristics. Also, the solar battery charger needs to suit the tough outdoor use condition. The materials must be more durable or better for corrosion against. Currently the ETFE material can perform well.

4), Advanced one-piece laminating craft to be higher quality and more upscale

The more upscale feature is very obvious if putting an one-piece laminating solar battery charger together with a cloth-sewed unit. Laminating the canvas and solar panel together under high temperature via the ageing-resistant EVA, this is the producing way of the one-piece solar battery charger. Thus the cloth-sewed item is just sewing the cloth on the solar panel. So that the one-piece solar battery charger is superior to be waterproof and even dustproof. And plus above advantages from ETFE material, such a solar battery charger can be with double service life than a conventional one.

5), Wide compatibility almost for all 5V units

There are two USB out ports on this GGXingEnergy® 21w solar battery charger. The 21w solar battery charger is with max 3.5A current and its each USB port can be max 2.1A. It can provide quick charging and the two USB ports can work well at the same time. Normally, as soon as the device can be supported via the USB cable, like phone, power bank, ipod, music player, PSP, switch, camera, it can be recharged via this 21w solar battery charger. The charging will occur directly under sunshine.

6), Foldable and super portable

To match with the outdoor application, the solar battery charger needs to be portable enough. It is foldable, and folded to be near a magazine size. Such a neat size can be easily inserted into the backpack. And when you are walking, it can be hung on the backpack via the holes at each corner. Or when you are parked, you can just drape it at the car windshield…

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