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Mobile Phone Solar Charger

As a mobile phone solar charger factory, GGXingEnergy always insist in providing better product and service to customers. Our main products are mobile phone solar charger, solar charger for car, portable solar panels for camping… The products are always with high praise from all the customers. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!

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Product Description

The following is the introduction of a newest high quality GGXingEnergy® 30watt mobile phone solar charger, hoping to help you better understand a mobile phone solar charger.

30Watt Mobile Phone Solar Charger Parameter

Solar Panel Max Power


Solar Type

A-grade monocrystalline solar cell

Solar Cell Efficiency


Output Ports

USB A 1: 5V2.1A (max); USB A 2: QC3.0 24W max (5V9V12V); USB C: PD 18W max (5V9V12V)


ETFE film + Solar Cells + PCB backer sheet + Canvas cloth cover

Solar Panel Quantity


Extended Size

90x28x1cm / 35.4x11x0.4in

Folded Size

28x19.5x3cm / 11x7.7x1.2in 


0.80kg / 1.8lbs


Black / Red Camo/Pink Camo/Blue Camo/Green Camo/Digital Camo


1 year


Mobile Phone, Tablet, Power Bank, PSP, MP4, GPS, Earphone, 5V USB powered devices or QC3.0 and PD protocol electronic devices



30Watt Mobile Phone Solar Charger Application

The GGXingEnergy® 30watt mobile phone solar charger is not simply with USB output. It is updated to be also equipped with QC3.0 and Type-C quick charging function. No needing a battery, just put it directly under sunlight and connect it with your phone, iphone, ipad, tablets, power banks, earphone, PSP, switch, GPS, camera…, these devices can be powered by free solar energy.

30Watt Mobile Phone Solar Charger Features

A, Improved with higher quality grade

This GGXingEnergy® 30watt mobile phone solar charger is improved with ECTFE craft. The ETFE film will make the mobile phone solar charger be with huge improvement with quality. Because the solar panel can be better for standing heat and corrosion to extend its own service life, with honey-comb structure to realize higher charging efficiency, also not easy to be scratched and available with self-clean to be more suitable for outdoor use. Based on these advantages, under the ETFE coat, there is still a polymer film. This ECTFE craft can make the solar panel be much lighter.

B, Greatly charging for iPhone, iPad, tablets, Samsung…

The embarrassed thing for this kind of mobile phone solar charger is it will work poorly when sunshine is weak. So that using a more powerful mobile phone solar charger can ensure you better charging status, because it can always produce out more power than a small solar panel. Especially for those devices needing high current for charging, such as above ones, we recommend this GGXingEnergy® 30watt mobile phone solar charger. What’s more, you can also enjoy the quick charging via it.


C, Folded as a magazine size, portable enough for outdoors

Let’s see how convenient it is for outdoor taking. The 30watt mobile phone solar charger is made from 4pcs of 7.5w6v panels, which is 280mm x 185mm each. The whole product when opened is 90x28x1cm / 35.4x11x0.4in. But it is a foldable design, only 28x19.5x3cm / 11x7.7x1.2in after being folded back. This compact size is actually easy for squeezing into a backpack or other places. Weight is 0.80kg / 1.8lbs, lighter around 300g than an old 30watt mobile phone solar charger without this ECTFE craft. The sharp solar panels are covered with fabric cloth to be frameless and safe for use. There is a large grid pocket with zipper at back to hold the accessories. And the grid format is also better for heat radiation if your phone is inserted there for charging. The mobile phone solar charger can be hung on the backpack via its metal holes with the attached hooks while you are on hiking or walking.

Kind Notes for 30Watt Mobile Phone Solar Charger

A, The GGXingEnergy® 30watt mobile phone solar charger can be only used under direct sunlight. It is not like a power bank with battery to store power, and its output power is changed as per sunshine intension. When use, please let the 4 solar panels face at a right angle to sunlight and make sure all of them can get sunlight as more as possible.


B, Due to the changement of sunlight intension and also the working consumption, it will be hard to you to test out 30watt full power. In this industry, we can only say the solar panel itself is max 30watt, it is not meaning the working power on devices with 30watt. If you have any doubt about this, we can provide the test video for each of 7.5w6v panels on this mobile phone solar charger.


C, For the quick charging function, it will need high current for normal working. So that we suggest to use the general USB when sunshine is weak. Or if you find the quick charging can not work well in this situation, please do not worry. It is not a product problem. Please try it again when sunlight becoming brighter. This 30watt mobile phone solar charger can actually perform well QC3.0 and Type-C quick charging.


D, This GGXingEnergy® 30watt mobile phone solar charger can not charge a laptop, 12v battery, portable power station and iPad Pro. We have another 30w model which can charge laptops, 12v batteries and portable power stations. But 30w will be like trickle charging. We still have different powers like 60w, 100w, 120w, 150w, 200w to meet your charging needs.


E, Both the solar panel surface and the fabric cover are waterproof. But for this kind of mobile phone solar charger, we still do not suggest to leave it under heavy rain or soak it in water. Thus fitting with water splashing will be ok. Importantly, the output junction box is totally non water-proof.

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