What are the types of Solar Charger and how does it work?


Solar charger is a device for converting solar energy into electric energy, which is stored in the battery. The battery can be any form of electric storage device, which is generally composed of three parts: solar photovoltaic cell, battery and voltage regulating element.

The battery is mainly lead-acid battery, lithium battery, nickel metal hydride battery, the load can be mobile phone and other digital products, the load is diverse.

The product types are Solar Mobile Charger, Solar Phone Charger, Solar Powered Charger, Solar USB Charger, Solar Charger For Phone and so on.

The solar energy is converted into electricity and stored in the built-in battery of the solar phone charger based on the principle of solar phone charger. When the phone needs to be charged, the battery in the solar phone charger will output the electricity to charge the phone.
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