What are the components of a solar panel?


The components of a solar panel are:

1, toughened glass: its role is to protect the main body of power generation (such as battery), the selection of light transmittance is required, the first transmittance must be high (generally above 91%), followed by super white tempered processing.

2, EVA fixed toughened glass used for bonding and generator main body (e.g., battery), the merits of the transparent EVA material directly affect the life of the components, exposed to the air in the EVA aging yellow, thus affect the light transmittance of the component, thus affect the quality of the component's power in addition to the quality of EVA itself, the component manufacturer of laminating process influence is very big, Such as EVA adhesive degree is not up to standard, EVA and toughened glass, backplane bonding strength is not enough, will cause early aging of EVA, affect the life of components.

3, battery: the main role is power generation, power generation main market mainstream is crystalline silicon solar cells, thin film solar cells, both have advantages and disadvantages.
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