The manufacture and principle of solar charger.


The manufacture and principle of solar charger.

1. Production: The use of solar panels, through the circuit DC voltage conversion to charge the mobile phone battery, and can automatically stop charging after the battery charging.

2. The working principle: solar cells in use due to the change of the sun is large, its internal resistance is relatively high, so the output voltage is unstable, the output current is small, which requires the use of a DC transform circuit voltage for mobile phone battery charging, DC transform circuit, it is a single tube DC transform circuit, the form of single-end flyback converter circuit.

3. When the switch tube is on, the induction voltage of the primary coil of the high-frequency transformer is a positive two negative, the secondary coil is five positive six negative, the rectifier diode is in the cut-off state, then the high-frequency transformer through the primary coil storage energy; When the switch tube is cut off, the secondary coil is five negative and six positive, and the energy stored in the high-frequency transformer is output back to the load through the rectification and capacitor filtering.

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