What are the characteristics of Caravan Portable Solar Panels?


Caravan Portable Solar Panel - single crystal solar panel and environment-friendly PET film, safe to use and long service life. Environment-friendly solar energy, free of bills, and humanized.

Portable design - small size, light weight, convenient for camping or other outdoor activities. Easy to install, with pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel, which can be quickly installed and fixed.

Plug and Play - The solar panel has a built-in USB interface, with four types of charging cables, which is suitable for most devices, plug and play, to avoid accidental power failure.

Waterproof - advanced waterproof and dustproof grade, completely preventing environmental particles and low pressure water jet.

Widely used - widely used in off-grid 5/12V battery charging system and various DC applications, including caravans, caravans, cars, boats, greenhouses, oceans, dry land camping, garden watering, sheds, cabins, door openers, etc

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