What is the principle of Solar Charger?


Solar charger is a new high-tech solar energy series product, with intelligent adjustment function, which can adjust different output voltage and current. It can charge different charging products, adjust the voltage from 3.7 to 6V, and charge MP3.MP4.PDA, digital camera, mobile phone and other products. With five bright 5LEDs, it can be used for daily lighting and emergency lighting! The utility model has the advantages of small size, high capacity and long service life It is suitable for business trip, tourism, long-distance travel, field work and other environments as well as the backup power supply and emergency lighting for students. It has safety protection, good compatibility, large capacity, small size, long service life, and high cost performance.

Solar Charger uses batteries. The batteries of solar cell phone chargers are usually lithium batteries. The best one is lithium polymer batteries, which are safe and high-performance.

The principle of Solar Charger is to convert the energy of solar energy into electric energy and store it in the solar cell phone charger

In the built-in battery, when the phone needs to be charged, the battery in the solar phone charger will output the electric energy to charge the phone.
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