What are the selling points of the Corrosion resident 28w Solar Charger?


1. High efficiency solar cells: high-quality single crystal solar cells are used, with a photoelectric conversion rate of 20%. High efficiency solar energy conversion can provide sufficient power for outdoor activities.

2. ETFE film packaging: The solar panel surface adopts a new generation of ETFE lamination technology and deep embossing process, with a light transmittance of up to 95%, greatly improving the light absorption effect. High quality EFTE membrane is waterproof, dust-proof, self-cleaning, durable and easy to clean, with a service life of up to 25 years.

3. High grade nylon cloth: the top cloth is made of high grade nylon, which is waterproof, durable and suitable for outdoor use.

4. USB stabilized voltage output: use high-quality USB junction box, dual USB output, 5V, 2A output (peak value under standard light intensity), stabilized voltage and current, and intelligent restart.

5. Light and portable: light and portable. It is easy to store after folding and hang on the backpack after unfolding.

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