Corrosion resistant 28w Solar Charger What are the precautions and scope of use?


Corrosion resistant 28w Solar Charger has been used in mobile phones, digital cameras, PDA, MP3, MP4 and other digital products (high-power ones can supply power to notebooks).

Solar charger can be used for charging products and electronic and digital mobile devices in different range of charging voltage between 3.7 and 6V. The voltage and current parameters required to connect the mobile device are inconsistent. It is necessary to select the appropriate voltage for the charging product and the voltage of electronic and digital mobile equipment before charging the charging product. Ensure stable charging and battery life. Solar chargers are free to plug in, with up to 20 ports to choose from. Compatible with most mobile phones (iPhone, blackberry), GPS receivers, dedicated cluster mobile communication devices, digital cameras, mp3/4 players and other products, a wide range of charging adapters. i a series of products to obtain the "iPod/iPhone only" certification.

Corrosion resistant 28w Solar Charger Note:

1. Under strong light, it cannot be charged at intervals (direct solar panel) for about 8 hours, and it can be full of built-in battery.

2. Do not put the charger in the car in summer (the temperature inside the car is too high). The battery life is affected.

3. Do not charge the charger through the glass. Poor charging effect.

4. It must be charged under a strong light. Lighting a light in a low light only means that light is detected, not that it is being charged (e.g. under indoor lights). So do not charge in low light.

5. Due to the factory, the amount of electricity contained in each charger is not consistent, so the first use of charging or discharging time will be different.

6. Do not use corrosive solution to wipe the machine, so as not to damage the product.

7. Do not put this product into the fire to avoid explosion.
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