Features of Portable Solar Phone Charger


Portable solar phone charger is a device that allows you to charge your mobile phone or other electronic devices using the power of the sun. These chargers usually have a built-in solar panel that absorbs energy from the sun and then converts that energy into electricity to charge your phone.

Portable Solar Phone Charger Features:

(1) The Portable Solar Phone Charger does not require AC power when exposed to sunlight, and directly converts solar energy into DC power. You can charge mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3-MP4, PAD and other small appliances anytime and anywhere. It is an essential companion for people who love to travel, people who often travel on business, outdoor sports people, and business workers.

(2) Portable Solar Phone Charger is a high-efficiency solar battery with a built-in energy storage lithium battery, which can be charged at leisure and used in emergencies. Suitable for many types of mobile phones and other electrical appliances. Completely eliminate the worries of power shortage, power outage, and occasional use of batteries during outdoor activities.

(3) The Portable Solar Phone Charger charges quickly. When there is no power, the mobile phone can be charged after 3 minutes of sunlight exposure, and the mobile phone can be charged while the solar battery is being charged by sunlight.

(4) The Portable Solar Phone Charger can use commercial power (220V AC) to charge the battery or directly charge electrical appliances.

Portable Solar Phone Charger converts solar energy into electrical energy and then stores it in a battery. The battery can be any form of power storage device. It generally consists of three parts: solar photovoltaic cells, batteries, and voltage regulating components.

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