What is the advantage of an one-piece ETFE foldable solar panel?


The one-piece ETFE is a new craft for the foldable solar panel. Traditionally when making a foldable solar panel, the cloth is sewed together. Because the foldable solar panel is handy made, there may be some flaws on the finished product, like crease on cloth, glue or scratch on solar panel surface, or irregular stitches. Thus the one-piece design lets the cloth and solar panel be laminated together under high temperature. There are no those flaws again, and such a foldable solar panel will become more beautiful and upscale, or even more durable.

Besides the one-piece craft, this kind of foldable solar panel is covered with the ETFE film. Benefitted from its better performance in heat dissipation, light converting, corrosion and scratch resistance, the whole foldable solar panel can obtain longer life-span.

Obviously such one-piece ETFE foldable solar panel is a higher quality level, and its price is still so friendly. Most models are with near price as the general ones. So that it is actually with the better price and quality rate.
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