What can a portable solar panel do for your camping?


1, The solar panel can be used as the direct power source for your outdoor camping, when wall outlet is not available. A portable solar panel can bring huge convenience for its outdoor carrying.

2, The small power portable solar panel can charge almost all small units which can be supported via an USB cable. There is a new one-piece ETFE 30w portable solar panel available with longer service life and also very competitive price. If sunshine is strong enough, its QC3.0 and Type-C outputs can take you same quick charging result as the indoor charging on AC adapter. 

3, The large power portable solar panel can be more functional. The brands of laptops, the general portable power stations selling on market, the lithium / lead-acid batteries, or the phones…, they can be all recharged via a portable solar panel.

4, The portable solar panel can only convert out DC power, no AC output. And the portable solar panel can be only used under direct sunlight, no working in rainy and cloudy condition. So that a battery can be used together with the portable solar panel to store power. A solar controller can be there to protect the charging for the battery. Then an inverter can convert the power in the battery to AC output. 

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