How to choose a solar panel for camping?


We find some customers have the doubt about how to choose a right solar panel for camping. We collect some tips and hope they can be helpful.
1, Firstly, the solar panel does not include battery and it is without the function to store power. Due to this feature, a solar panel for camping can be only used when sunshine is available. And please consider whether you will match a battery for using together.
2, The general types of solar panel for camping are traditional glass solar panel, cloth sewed solar panel (PET or ETFE coat), and one-piece ETFE one. 
The glass one may be double weight than the later ones. And it is always with the metal frame, which may be easy to hurt your hands when moving it. But its price is the cheapest. 
Both the cloth sewed solar panel for camping and the one-piece item are focusing on being super portable. They can be folded to be like a briefcase then it can be easily for storing. With a comfortable handle, you can just carry it to anywhere. Also, the pocket can hold the cables, connectors, and other accessories for you. If considering the outdoor practice, obviously the solar panel for camping with lighter weight and more portable design is prior than the glass one.
The solar panel for camping with ETFE coat will be better quality and longer service life than the PET one. And price will be also higher. If a solar panel for camping is made to be one-piece design with ETFE film, its appearance will be more upscale. Also it will be more durable than the cloth sewed solar panel for camping. And it is with the highest price.
3, Finally you can choose the power for a solar panel for camping as per the units you want it to work with. 
For example, if you will only charge the small devices like phone, tablet, camera, Bluetooth, switch, music player…, you can choose the small power as our 8w to 30w. If you prefer the economic way, the 8w solar panel for camping will be ok. Or if you need better and faster charging, the 30w solar panel for camping will be nice. It can be equipped with QC3.0 and Type-C outputs.

If you want to charge the 12v battery, or laptop, or portable power station (12v input), you need to choose the solar panel for camping with 18v output. Our range is from 40w to 300w. 40w solar panel for camping will be like trickle charging. 100w and 120w are the most choices. Especially when choosing the solar panel for camping to charge the portable power station, please firstly confirm well the right voltage and max current for its charging. 

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