What are the characteristics of the popular Caravan Portable Solar Panels?


Whether you are planning a road trip, sailing adventure, beach vacation or camping trip, keeping your electronic devices charged in remote areas is a challenge. Solar energy is an excellent environmental choice to maintain power supply on the road, but traditional panels are huge and designed to be fixed in one place. However, there are a large number of portable solar panels available, which are light in weight, powerful in function, and can withstand these elements. They are also compact enough that you can store them in case of an emergency power failure.

Caravan Portable Solar Panels are very suitable for recreational vehicles that need a little extra off grid power to supplement their batteries (or if the parking lot of the recreational vehicle charges electricity separately). The 130 watt panel delivers an impressive 6.9 amps per hour, with a built-in solar controller and digital screen for monitoring input and transmission power, and adapter cables for connecting the battery.

The self-supporting panel can easily be folded in two and placed in the enclosed enclosure for storage - making it an excellent alternative to roof mounting.
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