New Product Arriving!


New Product Arriving! 100W ETFE Foldable Solar Panel Charger, a high grade portable solar panel charging kit for your car, RV, truck, boat, portable power station, laptop, smartphone, tablets, power bank, a great charging tool for your summer outdoor travelling, camping, and other activities, multifunctional with DC and USB output, better quality and longer lifespan than other solar panels.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum Power (Pmax): 100W

Solar Type: Monocrystalline laminated with ETFE film

Solar Cell Efficiency: 23%

Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp): 18V

Optimum Operating Current (Imp): 5A

Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.5V

Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 5.3A

Output: built-on DC 18V port / 5A (max) + external USB controller / QC3.0-5V3A, 9V2.5A, 12V2A (max); USB 5V2A (max)

Waterproof: IP67 (the DC port and external controller are not waterproof)

Folded Size: 530*360 mm / 21*14 inch

Unfolded Size: 1130*530 mm / 45*21 inch

Net Weight: 4.0 kg / 8.8 lb

Advantage of the New ETFE technology

-Unique ETFE construction is water resistant.

-More stronger for high temperature and moist condition use than general PET laminated solar panels.

-Featuring with honey-comb structure which enhance 10% natural lighting, high transparency (95%) to ultra-violet light.

-Long life and recyclable, the age of ETFE laminated membrane is up to 25 years, later it could be decomposed for other use, 100% recyclable.

Features for the 100w portable solar panel kit

-Humanized Design: 

Folded to be 530x360mm for easy storage (extended size 1130x530mm);

With a bag to store both the solar panel and the accessories for portability;

Also the bag can be used as the adjustable kickstands, to support the solar panel to fit better angle with sunlight, getting 25%-30% more sunlight than lying flat.

-Multifunctional, Safe and Fast Solar Charger:

DC 18V out port for charging laptops, 12v batteries, portable power station, etc. (including 1 set of battery clamps and 10 DC connectors for general brands of laptops; the DC 5.5x2.1mm / 8mm / 5.5x2.5mm / 3.5x1.35mm connectors can be also used for most of portable generators.)

USB output interface supports smartphones, tablets, power banks, and other 5V USB-Powered devices.

QC3.0 port for quick charging.

-High Conversion Efficiency

Constructed from high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, with efficiencies of up to 23%, convert more solar power into usable energy, which enables higher power generation even if the panel size is not larger than ordinary solar panels.

-High Durability and High Grade Appearance

Not only with the better quality ETFE layer, the cloth cover is 1200D waterproof polyester canvas (the general folding solar panels are just used 600D canvas) to improve its outdoor durability, ideal for any outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, picnic, boating. 

The cloth is laminated together with the solar panel, not like others to be just sewed in. This craft can let the item be more durable and also much higher graded.